A Sponsor Perspective: NextGear Capital

Coach Tony Dungy
Coach Tony Dungy

On Thursday, September 1, nearly 1,000 BBBSCI supporters will gather at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown for The Main Event, our largest annual fundraiser that just happens to be sports-themed. We are thrilled that Tony Dungy, legendary coach, award winning author, and champion of mentoring, will serve as our keynote speaker this year. The evening, which features a fantastic dinner, a silent auction, and a keynote address on the impact of mentoring, is a unique way for community and corporate leaders to come together and support BBBSCI.

For the third year in a row, NextGear Capital is the title sponsor for this event and we could not be more grateful for their support, and the support from all of our sponsors that make this evening possible. On the blog today, Patty Turner, Senior Director of Corporate Administration at NextGear Capital and BBBSCI Board Member, shares with us why NextGear chooses to support the BBBSCI mission.

“NextGear Capital is honored and grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of such a great organization and we believe in being committed to our community and our future leaders of the community. NextGear Capital is always interested in anything we can do to help enrich those lives, as well as help guide them to become the great leaders they are capable of being.”


Why do you choose to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana?

John Wick, NextGear Capital’s Senior Vice President, is on the Board of Directors [at BBBSCI] and invited me to a meeting for The Main Event a few years back. After that first meeting, I never stopped coming back. Here I am three years later, a member of the Board, and co-chairing The Main Event for a second year in a row.

What does it mean for your company/organization to sponsor a youth mentoring organization, specifically Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana?

We believe our children are the future. It may sound cliché, but we want to help them lead the way. NextGear Capital is involved with many efforts that help guide our future leaders. It’s a big world out there and any way we can help our children is always something we are very interested in being a part of.

What would you say to other companies/organizations who are considering getting involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana?

The only impact you can make is a positive one, there is no reason to not get involved.

What do you and your guests enjoy about The Main Event?

Each year we bring employees and close partners to support the success of this organization. We also look forward to the speakers that also believe in the mission of Big Brother Big Sisters.

To purchase tickets for The Main Event or learn more, visit our website at MainEventIndy.org.


ABOUT NextGear Capital

NextGear Capital is the most comprehensive and innovative provider of lending products for vehicle dealers and auctions. With pioneering technology and a total commitment to customer service, NextGear Capital empowers dealers to floor plan vehicles from anywhere, at any time. NextGear Capital’s products and services can be used for a variety of purchases – Retail, Wholesale, Salvage and Specialty.


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