BBBSCI & MSDWT Participate in 6th Annual “Take Your Big to School Day”

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana and Metropolitan School District of Washington Township Participate in 6th Annual “Take Your Big to School Day”

[Indianapolis, Indiana], Oct. 1, 2018 – Indianapolis – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana (BBBSCI) has partnered with Metropolitan School District of Washington Township (MSDWT) again this year to designate October 24, 2018 as a day for youth (Littles) to bring their mentors (Bigs) to school. “Take Your Big to School Day” is a result of district-wide partnership between MSDWT and BBBSCI in an effort to further involve Bigs in the academic life of their Littles as they play a critical role in the academic success of their Littles.

“Our Bigs are helping their Littles succeed in many ways everyday – whether it’s by building confidence, helping them plan for the future, working on studying skills and homework, or helping them build character and make positive choices,” Darcey Palmer-Shultz, BBBSCI CEO said. “This is a great opportunity for our Bigs to learn more about their Littles as students and coach their Littles in ways that will help them succeed in the classroom. Take Your Big to School Day helps strengthen the connections between more of the people – in this case, mentors and teachers – working hard to help our community’s kids succeed.”

“Everyone needs and deserves at least one special person in their life,” Suzanne Zybert, Coordinator of Alternative Education & District Partnerships for MSDWT, said. “Our Bigs serve as that special person, that natural mentor, to our littles throughout the Metropolitan School District of Washington Townships.  Our Bigs are the ones to see and support what others cannot. They are that special someone with whom to enjoy the celebrations, or simply play a game.  That someone who can listen.  Our partnership with BBBSCI provides that, and more throughout our school community. Their work in each of our schools is helping to support students academically, socially, and emotionally. The Bigs are helping to transform the lives of their Littles through two of life’s greatest gifts: time and commitment. These efforts and the partnership are yielding relationships and making memories for a lifetime while helping to support our students to be successful within and beyond the school community.”

As we all know, it truly takes a village,” Mr. Rick Doss, Director of Secondary Education, said. “In today’s hectic, fast-paced world, we sometimes forget about the critical role adults play in the development of our children. The more positive forces a child has in his/her life, the more likely he/she is to have a positive impact on our community and society. BBBSCI plays a critical role by providing a Big to a significant number of our Washington Township students. We are so grateful to have a large number of Bigs to mentor and support our students across the district. The fact that so many of the Bigs work with our students for a number of years speaks to the value and significance of the relationship and its impact on the student and the mentor. We know that some of our students would not have graduated from high school if it were not for the rich relationships established through this program, and for that we are exceedingly grateful!”

On this day, Bigs will shadow their Littles in the classroom and join them for lunch in the cafeteria at elementary schools, middle schools, and the high school within MSDWT. 12 participating Bigs will be attending the following schools with their Littles: Crooked Creek Elementary School, Nora Elementary School, Northview Middle School, Spring Mill Elementary School, and Westlane Middle School. Bigs will also have the opportunity to meet their Little’s teachers and interact with MSDWT staff.

WHAT:                  Take Your Big to School Day
WHEN:                 Thursday, October 24, 2018
WHERE:               Interview and photo opportunities with BBBSCI leadership and participating
Bigs and Littles at Northview Middle School.
TIME:                    11:40 a.m.


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