“I love watching her step out of her comfort zone and grow into the amazing person she is.”

Today’s blog is written written by Big Sister Cassidy Shah! She was matched with her Little Sister Trinity almost 4 years ago. You might also recognize Cassidy’s name because she joined the BBBSCI team as the Annual Giving Manager in August 2018! Read below to find out more about her match story!

“I was matched with my awesome Little Sister Trinity in June of 2015! We have tried SO many new things together, and I think that’s probably one of my favorite things about being matched with Trinity. I love watching her step out of her comfort zone and grow into the amazing person she is.

After I had been matched with Trinity for about 6 months, my boyfriend at the time (now husband) decided to sign up to be a Big Brother! Tejas was matched with his Little Brother William in February of 2016. When the four of us hang out, there is always something funny or exciting that happens. Trinity and William were braver than Tejas and I when they decided to ride one of the scariest-looking rides at the state fair.

Tejas and I got married in May of 2018. I was so excited that Trinity and her mom came to my bridal shower! Her mom made this AMAZING towel cake for us, and I will never forget having them there to support our marriage journey. Being a Big Sister to Trinity has continued to create so many memories. As much as I’d like to say that I’m always supporting her, she probably doesn’t realize that simply by being at things like my bridal shower, she is supporting my life journey just as much.”

During the month of February, YOU can help us match 25 waiting kids with a caring adult mentor. Help us make more matches like Cassidy and Trinity’s possible by making a gift at www.BeBigForKids.org/MatchMakers. For more information, including how to maximize the impact of your gift, contact Caitlin Bain, Development Director, at cbain@bbbsci.org or 317-472-3731. 


Little Brother Will with his Big Brother Tejas Shah, Cassidy’s husband.

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