“Our match started with a fight: a SILLY STRING fight!”

Today’s blog is written by Big Brother Sam Hanley, who was matched with his Little Brother Triston in 2013. Read more about Sam’s match story below.

“Our match started with a fight: a SILLY STRING fight! As I approached the door of Triston’s home for the first time, I found a can of Silly String on the front step. I picked it up, knocked on the door–and was immediately besieged from all sides. For several minutes, I was surrounded by Triston and his two brothers, struggling against all odds for Silly String superiority.

It set the tone for six years of silly fun. From fishing trips in the rain to our annual trip to gorge ourselves on fried food at the State Fair, we’ve enjoyed the best part of the Big Brother/Little Brother relationship: simply spending time with each other. We’ve both learned that mentoring doesn’t need an agenda. Quality time, a fun activity or two–even if it’s just taking a hike through the park on a sunny Saturday – is the hallmark of a great mentoring relationship. Triston is now a senior in high school and looking forward to graduation this spring. Thinking back to our first meeting and that Silly String fight six years ago, I couldn’t imagine then that the relationship we forged would be as strong as it is now.”

During the month of February, YOU can help us match 25 waiting kids with a caring adult mentor. Help us make more matches like Sam and Triston’s possible by making a gift at www.BeBigForKids.org/MatchMakers. For more information, including how to maximize the impact of your gift, contact Caitlin Bain, Development Director, at cbain@bbbsci.org or 317-472-3731. 


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