A “Sweet” Activity

What a SWEET activity to try together! Big Sister Carly and her Little Sister Mariam didn’t let social distancing stop them from trying out a new hobby! Carly said, “Mariam and I have Facetimed with each other twice since the shelter in place order hit. The first time we just hung out, we really didn’t have a plan – we talked about playing some games together online. The second time I wanted to have something specific planned so I ordered some ‘decorate your own’ cookies from East Street Cookie Co. and delivered half to Mariam’s doorstep. Then we Facetimed and decorated them together! We are working on our next activity, which is going to be to do a workout class together via the YMCA. Mariam has been wanting to take a hip hop class since she is not doing cheerleading this year.” 🍪 💞🌟 #BiggerTogether #TogetherWe

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