Together, We are Here for Each Other.

We are tremendously grateful to and inspired by the many people and organizations that are banding together to take care of our community. In little and very big ways, we see so many of you leading and sacrificing for the good of us all, and the BBBS team is doing our best to do our part by:

Sharing resources and connecting families to what they need
Helping problem solve and encourage youth (and parents!) through e-learning
Picking up and delivering food boxes for families
Offering new ideas and resources for Bigs and Littles to stay connected virtually.
Zooming through the days while we work remotely
Transitioning to virtual practices to continue enrolling and training volunteers, youth, and families
Keeping children top of mind and supporting them as they are navigating worries, unknowns, and separation

We know the power of friendship, encouragement, and community. It’s the core of our mission. We know that even while we are spending time apart, we need to stay connected. It’s part of what helps us all get through the tough times. And, we know that it can matter more than we think to share an encouraging word, smile, or video like this one our team put together.

We are receiving great stories from our Bigs and Littles about the ways they are getting creative and supporting each other during this time.  We’d love to see the creative ways you’re staying connected with your loved ones and hope you’ll share your own stories with us using the any of these hashtags: #TogetherWe #BiggerTogether #KeepOurKidsConnected.

By printing out this sign or creating one of your own, we’d love to see the creative ways you’re connecting, the virtual activities you’re doing with your Little, and all of the ways that together, our community is stronger because we support each other.

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