Match Mentors

"Match Mentors" Offers Unique Experience for Matches & Donors

"Supporting match activities allows donors to experience the joy of building relationships and leveraging what mentoring is all about." - David Lindsey, CEO & Founder of DEFENDER

"Match Mentors continuously introduces Henry and myself to new experiences that we share together, and with other Bigs and Littles.  We have made new friends and every event has focused on the importance of giving back to your community, as well as, living a morally sound and well-rounded life." - Michael Cranfill, Big Brother

Thank you to David and the Lindsey family for their generous sponsorship of the "Match Mentors" program! If you are interested in a similar experience, please contact Darcey Palmer-Shultz, Chief Executive Officer, at or 317.472.3727.

Pictured above: Big Brother Michael Cranfill & Little Brother Henry, matched since 2010, enjoy a Summer BBQ & Pool Party.

Match Mentors Videos

Learn more about the "Match Mentors" program by viewing these videos below, or visit our YouTube Channel:

BBBSCI Sunday FUNday 2017 video

BBBSCI Etiquette Dinner 2017 video 

2016 Match Mentors - Swim Day video

2016 BBBSCI SummerFest video