The Big App

What is the Big App?

We partnered with Counterpart and Exacta to launch our very own interactive tool for matches - "The Big App." Launched in March of 2016, the Big App aligns match activities with 12 Thriving Indicators for positive youth development. The Big App was a result of a Six Sigma Match Intentionality Project with Cummins Inc. that aims to improve match satisfactions and youth outcomes.

How do I enroll in the Big App?

The Big App is open only to current Bigs enrolled in an active match in our program. If you're a current Big and would like to start using the Big App, contact your Match Support Specialist to get set up today!

What else?

But that's not all! Thanks to community and corporate partnerships throughout Central Indiana, we're able to offer our Bigs and Littles countless activities, resources, and ideas for creating a fun relationship. Check out our Resources page, or our Community Partners page to learn about the different ways you can have Big fun with your Little!

For more information about all of our match activities, contact Stephanie Sachs, Manager, Program Events & Partnerships, at [email protected] or 317-472-3709.