“Where Would I Be Without My Mentors?”

Big Brother Jimmy and his Little Brother, Christopher.
Big Brother Jimmy and his Little Brother, Christopher.

I volunteered sporadically when I first moved to Indianapolis, trying to find purpose like most 20-somethings. While I enjoyed those volunteer opportunities, I was still searching for a cause to support, not just an annual event. Fortunately, a client and friend suggested I look into Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana.

After giving it some thought, I applied online and soon found myself interviewing for a Little Brother. I’ve been friends with my Little Brother for almost 2 years now and the experience has caused me to reflect on my own childhood and adolescence during the process and one question always pops into my head, “Where would I be right now without my mentors?” I’ve had countless mentors, from teachers and coaches, to family and friends. Without these men and women, where would I be? Many of my childhood acquaintances are now drugs addicts or already deceased. As a kid, I wasn’t any different from them, but fortunately several leaders and family members sensed something in me. The mentoring I received from these special people propelled me through my childhood and their lessons continue to shape my life decisions today.

My Little lives in a single parent household with his amazing mother and two sisters and we have a couple things in common. We both love sports and we both love Buffalo Wild Wings!

Being a Big Brother doesn’t mean offering profound life-changing events, being a Big Brother means to be a friend and offer unconditional support. These truths, while simple in nature, have gradually begun to create that life-changing impact I initially hoped for.

I can’t imagine my life right now without my BBBS experience. It’s challenging at times, most of the time actually, but the experience helps me just as much as it helps my Little. I have purpose and I’m making a difference, it doesn’t get much better than that.

ABOUT Jimmy Girot

Jimmy Girot headshotJimmy is a Health Fitness Specialist at Geist Fitness and has served as a Big Brother with BBBSCI for almost two years. Jimmy and his Little Brother enjoy local sporting events, playing basketball, and reading books together.

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