“I would not trade my Big for anyone else in the world.”


Big Brother David with his Little Brother James
Big Brother David with his Little Brother James

I can think of a handful of children, my age or younger, who face herculean troubles on a regular basis and would presumably do anything to be accompanied by an individual(s) who is genuinely willing to express empathy, provide counseling, and provide opportunities to have pleasant experiences. These are the main reasons I consider myself extremely lucky. I am paired with an encouraging, wise, and outgoing mentor, Dave Lindsey. We have shared moments together that made me smile, humbled, enlightened, and brought us increasingly closer with each day. I would not trade my Big for anyone else in the world.

During my match with Dave, I recall a time in which my academic progress left much to be desired. One day, my school distributed report cards and I called my Big Brother, seeking advice about my predicament. After he indulged me, he bluntly articulated that after all these years, I am aware of what is required of me. It is my job to put forth the effort or else I will not have the success that I want. Either way, for better or for worse, I reap what I sow. This lesson Dave taught me has played a contributory role for as long as I have been going to school.

As the years went by, our relationship constantly grew. Eventually, Dave was willing to introduce me to his friends and family on a personal basis. In time, I too had the privilege of acquainting my loved ones with him. However, keeping in touch frequently can be difficult. When I entered high school, I was greeted by a workload that was exponentially greater than when I was in junior high. Even now, I find myself working hours past midnight.  This has cut into my time to bond with my Big Brother and Dave was under the impression that I had lost interest in being a part of this match. I had to explain that this is not the case – I was merely preoccupied by my studies. He understood, and I have my Big Brother to thank for my new found self-motivation, because he taught me that I will never get anywhere without applying myself.

If one were to raise the question, “What is the most important aspect of a relationship between a Big and a Little?” I believe that my response would be, “commitment to the match.” If Dave did not constantly check up on me, asking about my week and encouraging me, I probably would find myself in a completely different situation. However, he cannot be the only one exerting energy. There must be a team effort between the Big and Little in order for it to be a success. With dedication to the match, along with an open mind and heart, both will find a longtime companion in each other.



I am a junior in high school. Counting this year, I have been involved in the Corporate Work Study program for three years and I have interned at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana for two. My favorite subject at school is English because I enjoy writing both in and out of the classroom. My hobbies include writing, playing video games, skateboarding, reading poems and comic books, and listening to music such as Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Queen. After high school, I aspire to go to IUPUI and study English, History, Creative Writing, and Calculus. I also plan to play the violin or cello.

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