Let’s End the Wait!

In 46235, 75 children wait for a mentor- more than in any other zip code in Central Indiana. They have reached out to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana asking for a mentor.  They’ve been interviewed and screened; they’ve poured out their hopes and dreams for their Big to a Matching and Enrollment Specialist; and now they wait, some for as little as two months, and some for as many as eight. They wait for a role model, they wait for a best friend, they wait for someone who will be like a real brother or sister to them, and change their lives for the better.

As we begin the month of May, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana is beginning a special campaign to end the wait for children in zip code 46235. We hope you’ll join us in raising the funds necessary to match these youth with the mentors they are longing for. It costs just $2,000 to fund a new match for an entire year; $167 to support a new match for their first month. When we meet our campaign goal of $30,000, we’ll have made 15 of these matches and changed 15 lives for the better, forever. To make a donation, please visit our website at https://apptogive.org/endthewait.

Here are some of the children living in the 46235 zip code who are eagerly waiting for a Big, a mentor, a friend:


Little Brother Alexander
Little Brother Alexander

Alexander is 12 years old and loves all kinds of sports. This bright student plays the trumpet, tutors other children, and is very outgoing. His mother enrolled Alexander so he could enjoy and learn from a consistent male role model in his life.

LB Arimoni
Little Brother Arimoni

Arimoni is 8 years old and Alexander’s little brother. His favorite sport is baseball, but he also loves basketball and football. He has a great sense of humor and loves to make others laugh.

LB Dwayne
Little Brother Dwayne

Dwayne is a 10 year old, second degree black belt, who loves to run. This active kid loves to perform science experiments in the bathroom as he wants to develop a band aid that can vaccinate youth. Dwayne is described as fun, really smart, witty, and funny.


UPDATE: Thanks to your generosity, we’ve moved Dwayne off the wait list and he was recently matched with his Big Brother, Steven Beall!


Little Brother Jamie

Jamie is 12 years old and loves to learn. He excels in school and enjoys being active. He’s looking for a Big Brother to help him try new things and explore different activities.

LB William
Little Brother William

William is a 13 years old and has been previously matched twice. In his interview, William spoke very positively of his previous Big Brother and looks forward to being re-matched.  He described his prior Big to be like “a real brother” and he enjoyed talking to him.  His last Big Brother taught him to “never give up.”


Little Sister Jakeira

Jakeira is 10 years old and enjoys school a lot. She especially loves to sing and cook.  Her mom enrolled Jakeria because she wants someone who can spend quality one on one time with her and help her learn new things.

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