Big Brother Ralph Shares His Mentoring Story

“If you want to start a fire, you don’t have to light a whole box of matches. You only have to light one.” Coach Tony Dungy, The Main Event 2016 Keynote Speaker


Big Brother Ralph Redmond sat down with his Little Brother Adreyce to reflect on their time as a match. And in his own words, Ralph shares with you why he is supporting BBBSCI on Giving Tuesday this year.  Ralph is the first Big in a series of upcoming blog posts we have for you about why Bigs support BBBSCI – be on the look out for more guest blogs in the days leading up to November 29. 


Big Brother, Bigs Task Force Member, 2016 Giving Tuesday Ambassador: Ralph Redmond
Little Brother: Adreyce, 11 years old 
Match Date: March 2015

Big Brother Ralph and Little Brother Adreyce support BBBSCI at the 2016 Crew for Kids

Ralph: Do you remember the first time that we met? How did you feel? Were you scared?

Adryece: I was happy.

Ralph: The people at Big Brothers Big Sisters told me about you, but they didn’t tell me that you were so handsome. Do you remember anything funny about your shoes on that day?

Adreyce: They were on the wrong feet.

Ralph: You were just 9 years old then. Now you are 11 and you are becoming a young man. I’m very proud of you because you work hard at school, you are a good son and brother and you make friends easily.

Ralph: We keep a small notebook of all the things that we do together. You counted them for us, remember how may?

Adreyce: 42

Ralph: What were your favorite things that we did together?

Adreyce: When we went to the tap dancing show and danced on stage with them.

Ralph: You are a good dancer. You like the cooking classes too. I think you will be a good cook. What else?

Ralph and Adreyce: Magic shows, Conner Prairie, book stores/library, parties for BBBSCI, movies, and public service activities.

Ralph: Speaking of public service activities, what happened when we went to the Eastside to pick up garbage?

Adreyce: After we picked up the garbage, they had a drawing and I won a bike.

Ralph: You sure did – best bike ever. I think that made me as happy as you. We were singing on the way home.

Ralph: Another thing that made me happy was after we had been brothers for one year, I asked you if you wanted to be in Big Brothers next year. You said yes. Then I asked you who you wanted to be your Big Brother and you said me.


Ralph adds, “Adreyce has a lovely family with a single mother, three sisters, and one brother. All five kids are enrolled in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. I’m confident that Adryece’s mom very much appreciates the additional mentoring and that the children are being more exposed to enriching activities. After my first year as a BBBS volunteer, I was sold on the value of the program. With that, and knowing that hundreds of kids are on the waiting list for a Big Brother or Big Sister, I began thinking about how I could contribute in a larger way.”

Ralph, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Indiana Outdoor Lighting, donates a percentage of his profits back to BBBSCI. “This year, I expect to be able to donate more than $1500 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana. This makes me happy too!” he said.


Big Brother Ralph and Little Brother Adreyce at their Match Introduction in March 2015

Light one match by making a gift on #GivingTuesday. Your contribution will help us match more local boys and girls with caring mentors. Visit to donate and learn more. Share your own mentoring story with friends and family on social media using #lightonematch.

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