“It has been a privilege & a pleasure to watch Aliya grow up over the last 2 years”

“If you want to start a fire, you don’t have to light a whole box of matches. You only have to light one.” Coach Tony Dungy, The Main Event 2016 Keynote Speaker


Big Sister Anna Kidwell sat down with her Little Sister Aliya  to reflect on their time as a match. And in her own words, Anna shares with you why she is supporting BBBSCI on Giving Tuesday this year.  Ralph is the fourth Big in a series of blog posts we have for you about why Bigs support BBBSCI.

Big Sister, Bigs Task Force Member: Anna Kidwell
Little Sister: Aliya
Match Date: April 2014


bs-anna-harvan-ls-aliyaHi! I am Anna and I have been matched with Aliya for 2 years. I moved to Indianapolis about 5 years ago, so by volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, I have gotten to know my new city better. Aliya started high school this year and has been adjusting to her new environment. We recently sat down to talk a little about our match and what activities we have liked the most.


ANNA:  What is your most memorable moment from our match?

ALIYA:   Hm. Most memorable moment? That is hard.

ANNA: I know. We have done so many different things together. If you had to pick one that was pretty memorable?

ALIYA:   Hmmm…The Indians baseball game. I had never been to a baseball game before and it was fun to learn about the sport with you.

ANNA:  I liked that game too! It was neat for me to share something I really love with you. I played softball in highschool and love going to baseball games now (Indians games and others).

ALIYA:   We went with other Bigs and Littles, which was fun too. I liked watching the game, meeting the Indians’ mascot, and playing the fair games in the outfield.

ANNA: What have you learned in the time that we have been matched?

ALIYA:   Well, I’ve learned about baseball. We also have done a lot of crafts and you taught me how to cook an omelet for my mom and sister. We’ve done lots of new things together.

ANNA: I sort of think that learning or trying new things is the theme of our match!

ALIYA:   You’ve helped me with my math and getting that grade up. You’ve helped me adjust to high school this year, and helped me get along with my sister better…that isn’t easy. We have practiced volleyball. I need to teach you to play tennis and I can’t wait to take you to learn to sled this winter!

ANNA: I can’t wait to go sledding too…I have never been!


Our conversation highlights one reason I give to Big Brothers Big Sisters on Giving Tuesday – It has been a privilege and a pleasure to watch Aliya grow up over the last 2 years, and even better to know how I have helped to shape her growth. Whether it was a specific conversation about what she wants to be when she grows up or helping to coach her through an argument with her sister, I know I am making an impact in her life. Big Brothers Big Sisters provides opportunities for Aliya and I to grow together (along with other matches), such as group outings to Indianapolis Indians game, or a day playing putt-putt. I give to help Big Brothers Big Sisters help to enrich the lives of other Bigs and Littles!”

Light one match by making a gift on #GivingTuesday. Your contribution will help us match more local boys and girls with caring mentors. Visit giveBig.bebigforkids.org to donate and learn more. Share your own mentoring story with friends and family on social media using #lightonematch.



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