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Kristeen and Iyonna on at Kristeen's wedding day
Kristeen and Iyonna on Kristeen’s wedding day

Big Sister Kristeen Waddell first met her Little Sister Iyonna in October of 2009. Since their first introduction, the two have played big roles in each other’s lives. From small activities such as cooking dinner together to more formal events like celebrating Kristeen’s wedding and the birth of her son – these two truly understand the meaning of making life big.

“Throughout our seven year friendship we have done many activities together and had many conversations,” Kristeen shared on her website. “We have had many dinners together – both cooking at my house and going out. We have a yearly tradition of painting pottery at Christmas time. We have seen a number of plays and sporting events together. She has left countless number of selfies and kind notes on my phone. She was a part of my wedding and was at my home soon after I had baby Jack.”

The match will complete the BBBSCI program in May of 2017 as Iyonna prepares to graduate from high school and enter the next phase of her life. Kristeen, owner of Kristeen Marie Photography, recently photographed Iyonna for her senior portraits. While Kristeen doesn’t take senior clients, she made an exception to her rule for her Little Sister.

Photo copyright Kristeen Marie Photography  kristeenmarie.com/photography

“These pictures aren’t just for this girl to keep, they are also for me to remember this time,” Kristeen. “To remember this young lady. To remember all the deep conversations we have had. To remember that there is more to life then the daily grind. To remember friends are found in unlikely places. To remember that even though we have different backgrounds we are more alike than we are different. To remember how much I have in life. To remember how important it is to give back. To remember that as much as I wanted to help this young lady she has surely helped me more than I’ve helped her.”

To read more about Kristeen and Iyonna’s match and to see the rest of Iyonna’s senior pictures, visit Kristeen’s website.

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