“His Big has been & continues to be a friend, role model, & blessing to both of us.”

Annette, mother of Alumni Little Brother Chad, is our guest writer on the blog today! She enrolled her son Chad in Big Brothers of Greater Indianapolis, hoping to give him a positive adult role model to look up to (this was more than 15 years ago – before the agency merged with Big Sisters of Central Indiana to form BBBSCI!) Chad was matched with Big Brother Joe and the two formed a deep, long-lasting friendship that continues to this day.

“Two weeks after my son Chad had his 8th birthday, his father passed away.  I was a single working mom with no male role models for my son.  I immediately reached out to Big Brothers of Greater Indianapolis.  Chad was placed with an awesome Big Brother, Joe. They enjoyed movies, golf, sporting events, playing games, eating out, attending concerts, and much more. 

His Big was always there for Chad throughout grade school, high school, and college – whether he needed advice or help with school.  Joe continues to advise him and guide him through career opportunities and changes.

Last year, Joe officiated Chad’s wedding. Chad and his wife have continued their friendship with Joe and his wife. His Big has been and continues to be a friend, role model, and blessing to both of us.”


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