Meet Daniel and Paul!

Today on the blog, Sarah Fox, BBBSCI Bilingual Match Support Specialist, introduces you to her some of her newest Bigs and Littles and our first match of the month! The two were matched this past Monday, April 3.


Meet: Big Brother Paul and Little Brother Daniel – aka DJ and PJ!

“PJ signed up to be a Big after learning about the program through his church Living Faith. PJ wrote on his post-enrollment survey: ‘Thank you for the opportunity and chance to be a positive impact outside of my world.’

DJ’s parents, Brittney and Danny, both had family members who used to be Littles in our program, so they enrolled him to have someone in his life that would introduce him to new things and be a positive role model. DJ will thrive with the one to one attention and time with his Big since he lives with has two younger brothers and his family is currently caring for his younger cousins.

He will finally have the chance to be the Little Brother for a change, since he is always being asked to step up to the role of older brother.

DJ & PJ are looking forward to getting to know each other. They are both interested in learning to play the drums so that is something they will explore together. They will also get outside, play games, play basketball, and much more. For their first outing they are going to participate in a HUGE Easter egg hunt on the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis campus. Fun, candy, AND a college visit on the first outing?!?! These guys are rocking it already!”

We can’t wait to see what the fun these two will have as a match!

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BB Paul Farris LB Daniel (DJ)


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