Meet Allemagne: Ecologist in Training!

john and allemagneOn today’s blog, Match Support Specialist Drew Neddo introduces you to his newest match, Big Brother John Reller and Little Brother Allemagne!

“Hello! I wanted to introduce you to a new match that might seem like it was made on Old McDonald’s Farm but was actually made by BBBSCI’s thoughtful Enrollment and Matching crew! This is Big Brother John Reller and Little Brother Allemagne (pronounced: Al-ah-moan-ye – it’s the French word for Germany).

Little Brother Allemagne LOVES animals and spent most of the Match Introduction holding his pet gecko Flash, so of course he got very excited when he found out that Big Brother John has two chickens and several dogs at his home.

Their first match activity will be a trip Eagle Creek Park to hike and bird watch (Little Brother’s idea) and if the weather does not permit that, then they will go to the library to look at books about animals! Did I mention that Allemagne already invited John to accompany him on a school field trip to the zoo in May?”

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