New Match Has Instant Bond

BB Joe Piesz LB Michael (1)On today’s blog, Match Support Specialist Marisa Pyatt introduces you to her newest match, Big Brother Joe Pesh and Little Brother Michael!

I wanted to introduce you all to Big Brother Joe Pesh and his Little Brother Michael. They met each other last night and clearly hit it off right away!

Joe could not stop saying ‘Michael is just like me when I was a kid!’ And it turns out that Joe, Michael and his mother Kela are ALL from Michigan so they quickly bonded over their affection for their home state.

They were surprised when I asked them to create just two goals because they both had SEVERAL activity ideas that they hope to accomplish in their first year together. Some of these ideas include playing laser tag, Michael beating Joe in video games, Joe teaching Michael how to float in a pool, playing mini golf, playing with Joe’s two dogs, and attending several sporting events. They even told me we have made the perfect match (shout out to the BBBSCI Enrollment & Matching Department!)

I hope you all get the chance to meet these guys because they will definitely be the life of any event they attend. Also, did I mention they already have their own handshake?! #matchgoals”

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 BB Joe Piesz LB Michael (2)

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