Meet Zoe and Jenn!

BS Jenn and LS ZoeOn today’s blog, Bilingual Match Support Specialist Joanna Robles introduces you to her newest match, Big Sister Jenn and Little Sister Zoe!


“Last night, I introduced Big Sister Jenn with her new Little Sister Zoe. Zoe is 14 years old and enjoys going to her Judo practices. Big Sister Jenn is new to Indy so she is hoping that Zoe can show her new places!

Big Sister Jenn seemed excited to start the relationship and brought flowers for the family. Their first outing will be going out to get coffee (from the various locations near Little’s house) and getting to know each other! Then they hope to go roller-skating or swimming.

It looks like this pair will be a great match together. At the end of the introduction, Zoe’s mom also gave a bag of chocolate kisses to Jenn as an introduction to their family stating “because we are going to love you”. I look forward to working with this match and her family!”

Big Sister Jen and Little Sister Zoe with Zoe's parents
Big Sister Jen and Little Sister Zoe with Zoe’s parents



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