New Match Excited To Begin Friendship

Today on the blog, Annette Perry, BBBSCI Match Support Team Leader, gives a fun update on her newest match. Meet Big Couple, Nick and Melissa Friedman and Little Brother Semaj.
“I introduced Big Couple Nick and Melissa Friedman to their Little Brother Semaj last Friday, April 28. All parties agreed that they are on the quiet side, but they had no issues engaging in conversation and finding their common interests! During the match intro, they learned they shared the following:

  • Love of mac and cheese
  • Love of chocolate chip mint ice cream
  • Love of science and Schrödinger’s cat paradox
  • Love of movies filled with explosions
  • Love of hiking and bike riding

I look forward to hearing how the match progresses in their friendship and all the cool science experiments they have planned (an exploding volcano is at the top of their list)!”

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BC Melissa & Nick Friedman, LB Semaj (1)

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