Match + Mom Cupcakes & Canvas

Today on the blog, Stephanie Sachs, Manager, Program Events and Partnerships, gives a fun update on a recent match activity!

“On Saturday, May 6, we had 10 matches attend our “Match + Mom Cupcakes and Canvas” event at the Wheeler Dowe Boys and Girls Club. Little Sisters were invited to have their Mom come along to this event. Matches were led by an art instructor from The Purple Palette to create their own canvas cupcake painting.

From my perspective, all of the Little Sisters really LOVED having both their Big and their Mom there. Several of the Moms were even old friends who were able to reconnect! It was also really fun to hear some of the Moms brag about how awesome their Bigs are.

Big Sister Cassidy had this to say about the event, ‘The Cupcakes and Canvas event was a great bonding event for me, Trinity and her mom! Not only did we get to chat, eat cupcakes and hang out for a few hours… but we got to do something creative together! We all encouraged each other on our paintings, and it was a relaxing and fun experience! I love watching Trinity step out of her comfort zone!'”

Check out more pictures from the event here.

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