Big, Little Celebrate Little Things on 2 Year Match Anniversary

Big Sister Hannah Kenniger Proud of Little Sister Mykah
Hannah and Mykah been matched since the Spring of 2015. Mykah is freshman in high school this year and is managing to maintain Honor Roll while also being involved with several school clubs and excelling with those as well! On top of that, she is a social butterfly that doesn’t know a stranger and has quite possibly the most contagious smile of all time. Even as a freshman, she already knows for a fact that one day she will get a degree from a Historically Black College and work in the medicinal field. When Hannah asked Mykah what area of medicine she wanted to work in, Mykah’s response was, ‘I am not sure yet, but I will be in charge.’ With Mykah, we can guarantee that she will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with some day in whatever career she ends up with!

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