Matches Tour Purdue University

On today’s blog, Nikki Jo McCrady, Program Communications and Events Specialist, tells us all about the fun from our first college visit of the season to Purdue University this past Saturday! A big thank you to our Big Futures Corporate Contributor: AT&T for presenting a check for $10,000 to BBBSCI. And thank you to the individuals who were a part of our send off on Saturday morning: City Councilor, Vop Osili; City of Indianapolis Deputy Mayor, Angela Smith Jones; and At&t Director of External Affairs, David Lewis.

“On Saturday, October 21, 2017, 12 matches visited the beautiful campus of Purdue University for Explore Purdue Day. Explore Purdue was a full-day campus visit program for students in grades 8-12. By talking with students and staff, participating in a campus tour, learning more about academic programs, and eating in a student dining court students were able to learn firsthand what campus life is all about.

Here are some facts we learned from our visit:

  • Did you know that the 4th hour on the bell tower isn’t roman numeral IV but instead of IIII—They say it is because putting IV would look too much like their rival Indiana University (IU)!
  • It is also bad luck to walk under the bell tower before graduation because they say that means you will not graduate in four years.
  • As we were walking through campus we walked through clapping circles. If you stand in the middle of the circle and clap it will emit a small “squeak”. It has something to do with the engineering of the buildings surrounding the circle.”

To learn more about the visit, click here. And to check out some pictures from the day, click here.

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