The Other Side of the Table

On today’s blog, Joely Pope, Volunteer Outreach & Engagement Coordinator, stops by to tell us what made her sign up to be a Big Sister with BBBSCI!

“I work as the Volunteer Outreach and Engagement Coordinator here at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana, which means stand behind tables for a living. It has become a running joke that you will never see me out from behind a table.

For over a year, I stood behind tables telling other people how they could be a Big, calling out to people ‘Have you ever considered being a mentor?’ all the while wondering ‘Would I be a good mentor? Can I do this.’ So after a year of telling people why this is a meaningful experience and what a difference they can make, I finally applied to be a Big myself.

And even though I walk people through this process every single day, I was nervous. ‘would I be accepted? Would my Little like me? Could I really be a positive role model?’ I’ll level with you – I think I even submitted my references incorrectly.

But the amazing thing is that even though the process can seem scary, the result was worth the restlessness. I got to meet my Little, Payton, and her amazing family. The care my coworkers take in the matching process was so appreciated and still astounds me that from a 2 hour interview they could find such a great match.

Payton and I had our first outing this past weekend and we learned all about Paris. She showed me her local library and then we got Steak ‘n Shake. It was so simple but the support my Match Support Specialist gave me helped us get off to a wonderful start.

I am glad I took a chance because now instead of just being on the other side of the table recruiting volunteers, I get to be on the other side of the table with an amazing young lady who I am proud to call my Little Sister. ”

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