Meet Big Couple Kim and Meg and Little Sister Lakoia!

Dylan Vinson, Bilingual Match Support Specialist.

On today’s blog, Dylan Vinson, Bilingual Match Support Specialist, tells us about his newest match and a recap of how their match intro went:

I am excited to introduce you to my newest match: Big Couple Kim and Meg Wolsiffer and Little Sister Lakoia! Kim comes from a family of law-enforcers and was one herself for a while. She now works at an animal shelter. Lakoia was very excited to hear that, as she loves animals, especially cats and horses. When talking about why they wanted to be a part of the program, Meg and Lakoia both said that they want to get out of the house (Meg works from home) and have some fun, new experiences. The first of these experiences will include going to Pizza King (all of them LOVE Pizza King). I think that these three will make a great match and I am excited to work with them and see their relationship grow.




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