Meet Big Brother of the Year: Rick Monroe

Big Brother Rick Monroe has been matched with Little Brother David since 2015. Rick and David have been matched for two and half years.  Rick pushed David to gain confidence and try new things despite the anxieties that were holding him back. Rick has seen David transform from a shy 16 year old boy to an 18 year old young man ready to take on the next adventures in life with confidence. David said, “Rick has taught me a lot about myself, school, and what my should be. He helped me look people in the eye, be more assertive, and grow my self-confidence.”

David’s grandmother, Earlean, added, “I signed David up for a Big Brother because I’m his grandmother and all he has is me. I don’t have a lot to teach him when it comes to being a man. From the moment they
met, I knew Rick would be good for my grandson and our family. I don’t care how hard it’s raining or snowing, if they have made plans to do something or hang out, Rick is here and makes sure he spends the time with David that was promised. I feel so blessed to have him in my life and as a great role model for David. I will never be able to thank Rick enough for all that he has done for David and me – he is the biggest blessing!”

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