Meet Big Sister of the Year: Anne Guthrie

Anne Guthrie and her Little Sister Margaret have been matched since 2009, when Margaret was just 9 years old. Anne, who works for the Greenwood Public Library, has experienced the ups and downs of Margaret’s life. Despite these circumstances, Margaret always exhibits a positive attitude – her cup is always half full – and refillable. Margaret describes Anne as a kind woman with a passionate heart. Margaret said, “Whenever I go to the library to see her all these little children are looking at her like she is their hero and she is my hero, too. Anne is an amazing woman with a kind and passionate heart.”

Margaret’s mother, Julie, added, “Anne has been a wonderful friend and role model for my daughter, Margaret. Before they were matched, Margaret’s self-esteem was low, but after working and spending time with Anne, her self-esteem has improved. After they spend time together, Margaret always comes home with a big smile and a story of what they have done. Anne has also helped Margaret with school projects and helped her plan for life after high school. She is always there to support Margaret, and she has been the best Big Sister that Margaret could have. I have enjoyed having Anne as a part of our family!”



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