Thank You Letter to a Ticket Donor

On today’s blog, we’re excited to bring you a thank you letter written by one of our Bigs. Big Brother Ryan Fier sent this thank you letter to a donor who provided Pacers tickets for Ryan and his Little Brother Javion. Thank you to our countless donors and partners who make special memories like this possible!

Thank you for purchasing and donating tickets to attend a Pacers’ game on Monday, March 19, versus the LA Lakers.  Javion and I had a fantastic time!  We are early in our stages of getting to know each other.  So, this game was instrumental in us developing a better relationship.

Not only was this Javion’s first time to a game, but he was also able to watch his dad’s favorite player, Lonzo Ball.  He was in awe at the opening ceremony and loved being able to see the game live (this was his first game ever).  While his dinner consisted of only french fries and popcorn, we did break a few dance moves to the music during the game.  He even caught one of the prizes shot up into the crowd!

Thank you again for your donation.  This was definitely a memorable experience for Javion and myself.  I have attached a couple pictures for your entertainment.

Ryan Fier


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