“She’s taught me to try to be a better person.”

Big Sister Morgan Carey is our guest writer on the blog today! She has been with her Little Sister Taya since October 2016. Check out what Morgan has to say about her match experience with BBBSCI!

“I have been with my Little Sister for a year and a half now. It’s been amazing to see the struggles and challenges that she’s overcome, and to help her along the way and be there as a role model to help shape her dreams and aspirations, as we find what those are together. Throughout our relationship we have tried new things, had new experiences, and pushed each other out of our comfort zones. She’s taught me to try to be a better person in general, as I have someone who looks up to me and watches me now. As she’s getting older, it’s starting to become a little more challenging to help her along the way as she’s hitting a very influential age group, but I’ve been trying to keep the communication open and keeping her interested by exposing her to new and informative activities, such as going to art shows and museums, and keeping active outdoors. Every time I see her, I feel like I’m helping her cope with some of her home life issues, and being a companion that has unconditional positive regard for her. All in all, my service experience with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana has been amazing, and one of the most influential experiences in not only my Little’s life, but mine as well.”

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