Match Explores Holiday World

Big Sister McKenzie Crose was matched with Little Sister Melaney in January 2019. In today’s blog post, McKenzie shares some fun memories about their recent trip to Holiday World!

Melany and I had a wonderful time at Holiday World, thanks to Big Brothers Big Sisters. This was a fun filled all day trip. It was Melany’s first time experiencing her first big rollercoaster, as soon as we got there we rode The Legend.

As soon as we got off, she was ready to go again! It was a full day of rides and rollercoasters.

Luckily, we managed to sneak in a quick break for “Udderly Boos” ice cream. Melany loved that, she thought it was the biggest ice cream cone ever!

One of the rollercoasters she absolutely loved was the “Thunderbird,” this ride has several loops and twists and turns. We both were so nervous, but the thrill was so fun and such a great experience for the both of us. 

Melany stepped out of her comfort zone and we rode in the front row of the “Raven” she loved it! Throughout the day, we kept inching our way to the front and she finally did it – I was so proud of her!

Melany and I are so glad we got to experience this together! The day was filled with smiles, laughter, some nervousness of the unknown rollercoasters, and amazing sweets. These are some great memories we will forever cherish.

If you don’t take a picture with Santa Claus… did you really go to Holiday World?

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