BBBSCI Class of 2020: Deundra and Janet

Match: Little Sister Deundra and Big Sister Janet Trawick

Match Date: April 11, 2018

High School: Ben Davis High School

Little Sister Deundra and Big Sister Janet Trawick have been matched together for 2 years. Deundra is a 21st Century Scholar through the Indiana Commission for Higher Education and is planning to attend IU Bloomington where she plans to begin studying during the summer session at IU. As of right now, Deundra is still undecided in what she wants to major in. She decided she wanted to attend IU Bloomington after attending a campus visit through the Big Futures program at Big Brothers Big Sisters with Janet. Congratulations, Deundra!

When asked about their experience in our program, Big Sister Janet shared that Little Sister Deundra has always taken such an interest in her and their relationship and they just truly love each other. She shared that their relationship has a very “nurturing” spirit and their favorite thing to do together is to sit and talk and listen to one another. Deundra shared that Janet has helped her learn about herself and helped her realize that she has a lot of gifts to use and she should never limit herself.

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