BBBSCI Class of 2020: Hayden and Cassidy

Match: Little Brother Hayden and Big Sister Cassidy Shah

Match Date: June 14, 2015

High School: Herron High School

Little Brother Hayden and Big Sister Cassidy Shah have been matched together for 5 years. Hayden is planning to attend IUPUI in the fall to study pre-vet and is excited to further his education. Congratulations, Hayden!

Hayden is also the recipient of a $1,000 Be Big Scholarship to be used for room/board, textbooks, tuition, and other expenses that may be occurred during the first year. This scholarship was made possible with funding from the Lawrence W. Inlow and Carryl A. Wilkerson Scholarship Fund. Congratulations!

One fun fact about Little Brother Hayden and Big Sister Cassidy is that they spent their very first outing together attending Big Brothers Big Sisters’ annual SummerFest event, which at that time was held out at the Marion County Fairgrounds! Over the years they’ve enjoyed so much together–college visits, canvas paintings, an Etiquette dinner, Gen Con and so much more! Big Sister Cassidy shares, “First off, I am so incredibly proud of Hayden. I met him when he was 13 and I had a feeling he would always be a good kid. Now that Hayden is graduating high school, I know that he has stayed true to himself. Hayden is someone that I look up to because he has a genuine heart. He’s smart, caring and always tries to do the right thing.”

Little Brother Hayden shared some insight about how their relationship has grown over the years, “When I met Cassidy, I remember thinking, we couldn’t be further apart from each other in terms of personality. She is outgoing and extroverted and I preferred to stay home and play video games. I have really learned to appreciate her and how she has helped pull me out of my shell and make me try things I probably wouldn’t have. She is someone that I can rely on and that I trust and it will carry over into my adult years. I appreciate the time I’ve spent with her and have learned that you don’t have to be exactly like someone to be friends with them.”

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