BBBSCI Class of 2020: Kimberly and Alexandra

Match: Little Sister Kimberly and Big Sister Alexandra Sites

Match Date: April 9, 2014

High School: Herron High School

Little Sister Kimberly and Big Sister Alexandra Sites have been matched together for 6 years. Kimberly is deciding between attending either IUPUI or Indiana State where she plans to study nursing.

When asked to reflect on their time together in our program, Little Sister Kimberly shared that her relationship with Big Sister Alexandra has grown tremendously over the years. She said, “In the beginning I was quiet and shy, but now I am a very open person.” Together they have enjoyed dates at the nail salon, anniversary parties at Dave and Buster’s, going to haunted houses and even swimming with the dolphins at the Indianapolis Zoo. Kimberly said that Big Sister Alexandra has taught her to be more open and explore more. She wants her Big Sister to know, “Thank you for being there for me always–I know you will be an amazing mom!” Big Sister Alexandra shared that their relationship is really unique and that they both really know each other’s likes and dislikes.  Alexandra said, “Kim has taught me balance and how to slow down and appreciate life, taking the time to be present and enjoy the moment. Kim–You are amazing and destined for success!” Good luck, Kimberly!

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