BBBSCI Class of 2020: Nigel and Willie

Match: Little Brother Nigel and Big Brother Willie Little

Match Date: February 12, 2015

High School: Warren Central High School

Little Brother Nigel and Big Brother Willie Little have been matched together for 5 years. Nigel, a 21st Century Scholar through the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, is planning to attend either Butler University or Ball State University where he plans to study pharmacology.

Big and Little Brother of the Year:

Nigel and Willie are being recognized as the Big and Little Brother of the Year here at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana! Since getting matched, Nigel and Willie have been a great fit and stood out to us here at BBBSCI. Willie introduced Nigel to weightlifting which is now one of Nigel’s favorite things to do. They have both been willing to help the agency out with media opportunities including participating in media for the 100 Men in 100 Days Campaign with the Indians. Willie has encouraged Nigel to work hard in school and to continue on to college. Good luck with everything, Nigel!

When asked about the impact that his Big Brother Willie has had on him, Little Brother Nigel shared, “Willie has impacted my life by giving me a positive male role model who looks like me, encourages me and strengthens me daily. My Big has given me someone I can trust and confide in. Although secondary education was always in my plan, I feel like Willie has helped me and pushed me to realize how important it is. I would tell other kids that having a Big Brother is awesome–it gives you someone to talk to and bond with. It can help you not feel alone. My experience was great and I encourage everyone to get involved with this program if they can.” Big Brother Willie is beyond impressed with Nigel and how hard he has worked over the years. He shares, “I’m impressed with the mark Nigel has made and will continue to make on this earth. His humble and hardworking mindset is a perfect example of how he can accomplish so much. Nigel really embodies what this program is really about–giving kids the opportunity to teach adults how to be better human beings. When I started the program, my goal was to help change Nigel’s life, but in return he has changed mine.”

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