BBBSCI Class of 2020: Reis and Aaron

Match: Little Brother Reis and Big Brother Aaron Martin

Match Date: November 17, 2011

High School: North Central High School

Little Brother Reis and Big Brother Aaron Martin have been matched together for 9 years. Reis, a 21st Century Scholar through the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, will be attending Ball State in the fall. His plan is to take 1 year of pre-requisite classes and then potentially major in Sports Medicine or Nursing.

Reis is the recipient of a $5,000 Be Big Scholarship to be used towards room/board, textbooks, tuition, and other expenses that may be incurred during his time of studies. This scholarship was made possible with the funding from the Strada Education Network Big Potential Award. Congratulations, Reis!

Little Brother Anthony “Reis” Scott first met his Big Brother Aaron when he was 8 or 9 years old. Since then, Reis and Aaron have done all sorts of activities together. Reis shares that some of his favorite things they have done over the years are going to the Jordan YMCA to play basketball and go swimming, helping out at Aaron’s boat cleaning business, and going to the park to throw a football and talk. Reis shares that while all of these things were really fun, they were also building a lot of trust and getting to know each other through these activities. Reis had this to share about Aaron, “I’ve never really had a male role model in my life until my Big, Aaron. I’ve gained a safe, supportive male in my life I can count on. Aaron is someone who shows up in my life and shows commitment to our relationship…My self-esteem and believing in myself stems a lot from my Big, Aaron Martin. I’m glad I was matched with him.”

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