BBBSCI Class of 2020: Sami and Angie

Match: Little Sister Sami and Big Sister Angie Hauck

Match Date: April 15, 2016

High School: Franklin Central High School

Little Sister Samantha and Big Sister Angie Hauck have been matched together for 4 years. Sami will be attending Butler University this fall as part of their honors program and plans to study History.

Sami is the recipient of a $2,000 Be Big Scholarship to be used towards room/board, textbooks, tuition, and other expenses incurred during the first year of studies. This scholarship was made possible with funding from the Frank Davis Scholarship Fund. Congratulations, Sami!

Big and Little Sister of the Year:

Sami and Angie are being recognized as Big and Little Sister of the Year at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana! Sami and Angie have been a great match since the start. Their unique connection makes them stand out to us here at BBBSCI. Whenever they are speaking about each other, they verbalize the other’s strengths and the value they feel from their relationship. Good luck with everything, Sami!

Mentoring Relationship Specialist, Kristen Berrett, says that Little Sister Sami and Big Sister Angie are the most creative activity pickers–they do the biggest variety and the most creative activities out of any matches that she’s ever met! Little Sister Sami mentioned some of her favorite things they’ve done together are going to concerts, an Indy 500 Scavenger Hunt, baking Christmas cookies and going to museums. Little Sister Sami had this to share about her relationship with Angie, “I feel that I have personally grown so very much through my time matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters. I am more confident because Angie always supports me. She is like a best friend to me. Angie has taught me to go after what I want and how to work hard to get it. My message to Angie is this–you probably don’t know much you have impacted me and influenced my life. You are truly one of the most kind-hearted people I know.”

Big Sister Angie shares, “It’s hard to articulate the impact of our relationship, because at this point, it feels like Sami has always been part of my life. We do things together that I wouldn’t do on my own and she has definitely broadened my horizons as well. To Sami I would say–I love you, sister!”

Click below to listen to a note from BS Angie to LS Sami!

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