Get to Know: Marta Reisman!

Name: Marta Reisman
Title: Bilingual Match and Enrollment Specialist
Start Date: May 2020

What I love most about my job is… the people I get to meet! In the interview process we get to know all different types of people on a personal level. Not only does it open my mind up to new perspectives, but I get to learn from their life experiences! The people within Big Brothers Big Sisters are all pretty fabulous as well!

How has mentoring played a role in your life? In high school I was in a mentoring program. Unfortunately, I was not matched well (they didn’t have the science down like BBBS does!). I recall trying for two years to find the right fit… it was frustrating. Finally, I was asked point blank who do you think would be the best fit for you? I racked my brain for what I thought the definition of a good mentor should be. My first mentor was a great person but we just weren’t compatible, the second was too academically demanding and didn’t allow a space for any other topics, and like Goldilocks, I was looking for my someone who was just right and between the two. The new mentor would have to get along with me well as a person and recognize me for my potential and not just my academics. Through this whole process I learned what it means for somebody to be a good mentor. Huge shoutout to my high school oceanographic studies teacher for being that for me. Our relationship grew to a point where we could just relax and catch up as friends while he was still supporting my academic ventures. The relationship was very important to me because it taught me how important it is to have mentors in your life and what qualities it takes to be that person for others.

When I’m not at work, you can find me … in one of three places. The first would be outside, soaking up sunshine preferably next to a lake! I love swimming, hiking, playing catch and grilling out like all good Americans do. The second place you could find me would be in the kitchen whipping up 4-tier cakes and the latest New York Times recipes. I love a good challenge. The last place you could find me would be sitting out on my front porch drawing and people/dog watching everyone who walks by while listening to music. Nothing better than a front porch cocktail after work!

What is your favorite spot(s) in Indy? I am a sucker for a great restaurant so I would have to say the Gallery Pastry Shop for their croissants, Paco’s Tacos for their al pastor tacos, and most importantly Twenty Tap for the best cheese fries I have ever had. Lately, the routine has been carrying-out from these awesome restaurants and then enjoying it outside at Holliday Park…followed by a quick nap in the grass!

Contact Marta at or 317-472-3724.

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