Get to Know: Amanda Stewart!

Name: Amanda Stewart, MSW, LSW
Title: Assistant Director of Enrollment & Matching and Customer Relations
Start Date: October 2013

My favorite memory from working at BBBSCI is … My favorite memory from working at BBBSCI is attending Celebrate Mentoring! Celebrate Mentoring is our version of a graduation ceremony for Bigs, Littles, families, and community members. I love seeing the bonds created between Bigs and families. Coming in a close second is attending the monthly Game Night at our office. There’s always tons of laughter, light-hearted competition, and lots of pizza!

What I love most about my job is … What I love most about my job is interacting with individuals and families who make up our community. I meet someone new on an almost daily basis and am always learning. I’m constantly reminded that Central Indiana is made up of people looking to connect, build relationships, and have fun. 

How has mentoring played a role in your life? When I think of mentoring in my life, I think of my friends. I’ve made friends at different life stages who have guided me, inspired me, and have taught me so much. I’m thankful to have these relationships, and I’m thankful that my job entitles creating more of these relationships in our community.

When I’m not at work, you can find me … Reading for my Book Club, visiting my nieces and nephew, taking walks on the Monon or Cultural Trail, and attempting to become a plant lady.

What is your favorite spot(s) in Indy? The Central Library, Coat Check Coffee, The Rathskeller, La Parada, Eagle Creek Park

Contact Amanda at or 317-472-3745.

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