Welcome, Michelle and Lilly!

Big Sister Michelle and Little Sister Lilly were matched on October 29, 2020. Michelle was very impressed how well BBBSCI matched her and Lilly!

Michelle and Lilly came up with some really fun 3-month goals! They are going to learn how to play checkers with one another, along with finding/reading books on sloths! They look forward to finding out more of Lilly’s interests as well.

This match was lit with the support of Bill Bastian, II.

Michelle and Lilly are 1 of 50 matches made possible thanks to BBBSCI’s Light One Match Giving Society, a new leadership society made possible through the generosity of Al and Shary Oak. To learn more about ow you can make 1 match possible or to get involved, click here or contact Caitlin Bain, Director of Development, at cbain@bbbsci.org.

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