Welcome, Diamond + Carrington!

Big Sister Diamond and Little Sister Carrington were matched on March 24, 2021. Carrington gifted Diamond with a beautiful sunflower! They spent some time talking about what they wanted to do together, and they both kept smiling and saying “me too” when the other person would say something they wanted to do! They enjoy a lot of the same things, such as crafts, nails, and going out to eat!

Diamond and Carrington are looking forward to getting to know one another. One of their goals is to go fishing and hiking together!

This match was lit with the support of Sherman and Meredith Rogers.

Diamond and Carrington are 1 of 50 matches made possible thanks to BBBSCI’s Light One Match Giving Society, a new leadership society made possible through the generosity of Al and Shary Oak. To learn more about how you can make 1 match possible or to get involved, click here or contact Caitlin Bain, Director of Development, at cbain@bbbsci.org.

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