BBBSCI Class of 2021: Jayden and Alan

Match: Little Brother Jayden and Big Brother Alan Hoyt
Match Date: June 18, 2014
High School: Ben Davis High School

Little Brother Jayden and Big Brother Alan have been matched together for 7 years. Jayden has spent his years in high school working diligently towards his goal of attending college. Through his hard work, dedication, and good grades Jayden has been accepted into every college that he applied to this year. Jayden has not yet made a final decision for where he will attend school next year as he is still waiting on financial aid packages to come in before making a decision. Jayden is hoping to major in a STEM related field in college.

Jayden is also the recipient of a Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana Be Big Scholarship Award. His scholarship funding was made possible through the Frank Davis Scholarship Fund as well as OneAmerica. This scholarship can be used for room/board, textbooks, tuition, and other expenses incurred during their study. Congratulations!

Throughout their time in the program, Jayden and Alan always really enjoyed attending sporting events together. As Jayden matured and got older, they began enjoying having dinners together where they could sit down with no distractions, enjoy each other’s company, and have nice conversation.

When reflecting on his time in the program with Big Brother Alan, Jayden said, “The impact my Big Brother had on me is to be kind, respect others’ differences, and reach out to those who need help…With the things he has taught me I am 100% sure I can be successful after High School. I gained so much useful knowledge from my Big Brother about how to save money, study for classes, and other useful things to know. I also gained a valuable friend that I can always depend on if I need help. I will use my experience from my Big Brothers to help others by remembering what my Big Brother has done for me and apply it to that situation of me helping them.”

“I think the main way that Jayden has grown through our years together is his knowledge of who he is as a person and the type of person that he wished to continue to develop into. This has led to a great increase in his confidence and self-esteem. As our relationship has grown, he has gone from being a passive receiver of information in our conversations and discussions to an active participant. Where once he used to only ask my opinions on certain topics, he has begun to share his own opinions and experiences, which has led to a deeper trust and understanding between us.” Big Brother Alan shared about Jayden when reflecting on how Jayden has grown throughout the course of the relationship.

Alan and Jayden will always be there for each other, even as they enter into this new chapter of life.

Best of luck with your new adventures, Jayden!

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