BBBSCI Class of 2021: Dainondre and Mark

Match: Little Brother Dainondre and Big Brother Mark
Match Date: September 29th, 2015
High School: Pike High School

Little Brother Dainondre and Big Brother Mark have been matched together for 5.5 years. Dainondre is looking forward to graduating from high school this Spring and plans to continue working full-time next year to save money before going back to school. These two are going to miss being a part of our program!

When Big Brother Mark was reflecting on his time together with Dainondre, he shared that Dre has grown the most over the years in his level of maturity. At the beginning of their relationship, Dre was a tough kid to get out of his shell, but Mark shares that he has really grown up a lot and is more comfortable being himself. 

Throughout the past 5.5 years, Dre and Mark have done countless activities together around Indianapolis. Some of their favorite activities over the years have been when they went biking along the Monon and stopped for lunch along the way, bringing Dre to “Big Brothers Big Sisters Day” at Eli Lilly and Dre got to see where Mark worked, going paddle boating along the canal downtown, going to countless movies, and enjoying Pacers games. 

We are going to miss having both Dre and Mark in our program, but we can’t wait to see everything that Dre will accomplish in these coming years. Good luck, Dainondre! 

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