BBBSCI Class of 2021: Da’Von and Irving

Match: Little Brother Da’Von and Big Brother Irving Rodriguez
Match Date: November 10th, 2010 
High School: Warren Central High School

Little Brother Da’Von and Big Brother Irving Rodriguez have been matched together for 10.5 years. Da’Von will be graduating from Warren Central High School in the Spring with a certification in Engineering Manufacturing through a trade program he completed. Through this trade program, Da’Von has learned that he really enjoys this type of work and enjoys being able to work with his hands. Da’Von plans to use this certification to find a job in construction after graduating. 

One activity that has always been a source of bonding for Da’Von and Irving has been the movies. According to Da’Von’s mother, Krystal, “They LOVE going to the movies – they are movie buffs!” While this past year has made it more difficult for these two to go to the movie theatre as often as they once did, they have maintained communication through texting back and forth and talking on the phone.

Other activities that these two have done over the years include Pacers Games, Dave & Buster’s Anniversary Celebrations, and going out to eat together to catch up. 

Good luck in this next chapter of your life, Da’Von! We can’t wait to see everything that you accomplish. 

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