BBBSCI Class of 2021: Glen, Mike, and Erin

Match: Little Brother Glen and Big Couple Mike and Erin Lapota  
Match Date: July 31, 2013

Little Brother Glen and Big Couple Mike and Erin Lapota have been matched together for 8 years. Glen is currently working towards obtaining his GED and is considering taking vocational lessons this Fall, but he is still considering all of his options. Glen, Mike, and Erin are going to miss being a part of our program! 

These three have enjoyed many memories and activities together over the past 8 years! Whether it was attending the state fair, Indians games, SummerFest, or community service, they have done it all. Glen, Mike, and Erin actually had established a tradition of visiting the Indiana State Fair every summer since first being matched, which unfortunately ended this year due to COVID. But when it comes to the most memorable times this match has spent together, anytime Glen is interacting with their sons always make it to the top of the list. 

When reflecting back on who Glen was when they were first matched together, Big Couple Mike and Erin shared, “It has been great to watch Glen grow from a soft-spoken, somewhat introverted child into a confident adult. In the time that we have been matched, I believe that our families have integrated into one another and our relationships have extended beyond the traditional Big-Little interaction. Since we were matched with Glen, my wife and I have gotten married and had our two sons. Upon the birth of our first son, Glen immediately became “Uncle Glen” and the two share a very endearing relationship. Also, as a result of my employment with BBBSCI, Glen has become a self-appointed “VIP,” often attending events as more of an employee than a Little. Glen knows, and is known by, the majority of employees who have worked at BBBSCI for multiple years.” 

Their Mentoring Relationship Specialist, Bethany, shared that each time she calls Glen and his mother they always share how appreciative they are of Mike & Erin and all the time they have spent with Glen over the years. Glen and his mother think of Mike and Erin and their children as family and that will extend well beyond their graduation of our program. 

As Glen is getting ready to move into this next chapter of his life, Mike and Erin want to leave him with this message, “It has been our honor, pleasure, and privilege to watch you grow over our time together. We hope that we’ve had at least a fraction of the impact on your life that you’ve had on ours. You have become part of our family and we will always be there for you as you move on to the next stages of your life.”

Good luck with everything, Glen!

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