BBBSCI Class of 2021: Gray and Emily

Match: Little Gray and Big Sister Emily Ellis
Match Date: July 23rd, 2019
High School: Franklin Central High School 

Little Gray and Big Sister Emily Ellis have been matched together for 2.5 years. Gray will be graduating from Franklin Central High School this Spring and will be attending Purdue University in the Fall. Gray is excited to attend Purdue as this was their top choice for them to pursue their passion of studying Geology! 

When reflecting on how Gray has grown throughout the course of their relationship, Big Sister Emily shared, “Conversation was difficult in the beginning, but now we are able to pick up right where we left off. Gray is starting to embrace new experiences and continues to open up.” Emily and Gray have done a lot of things together during their relationship to help Gray open up and come out of their shell. Some of the things they have enjoyed doing together include exploring new places, encouraging conversations, and taking walks. 

One special memory that has stuck with both Emily and Gray was one day they were out exploring Irvington and passed by a store that was displaying crystals and rocks in the window – Gray’s passion. The two ended up going into the store, looking around, and talking for at least 45 minutes. What a great day! 

As Gray is moving on into this new exciting chapter of their life, Big Sister Emily leaves these encouraging words for Gray, “You are brilliant – embrace and own your awkward, let that become your confidence and you will be unstoppable!” 

Good luck at Purdue this Fall, Gray!  

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