BBBSCI Class of 2021: Jaden and Mike

Match: Little Brother Jaden and Big Brother Mike Schumaker 
Match Date: June 13th, 2016
High School: Pike High School

Little Brother Jayden and Big Brother Mike Schumaker have been matched together for 5 years. Jaden is looking forward to graduating high school in the Spring and is still considering his options for the future. Jaden has received a full-time offer with his current employer that he is considering taking, however Jaden is also considering attending Ivy Tech Community College if he does not choose to continue working. Jaden and Mike are going to miss being a part of our program!

Like any relationship is at the beginning, Mike and Jaden’s relationship was a bit awkward when they were first getting to know each other. Now, 5 years later, Mike shares that he and Jaden have been able to grow so much closer through all the fun activities they have done over the past few years. These two have enjoyed a wide variety of activities together, but one memory that really stands out for the both of them is when they won tickets to a Colts game through our agency. They had front row seats and Jaden was allowed to go on the field during the warmups and half time. Mike shares that it was a really special day for the both of them. 

As Jaden is preparing to enter into this next chapter of his life, Big Brother Mike wants to leave Jaden with this message, “Keep following your dreams and goals! They will inevitably change, but keep your sights set on them! And always remember to give back in any way you can.” 

Good luck, Jaden!

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