BBBSCI Class of 2021: Kayla and Jenna

Match: Little Sister Kayla & Big Sister Jenna Whalen 
Match Date: February 22nd, 2017
High School: Warren Central High School

Little Sister Kayla and Big Sister Jenna Whalen have been matched together for 4 years. Kayla is looking forward to graduating this Spring and is still considering her plans for next year. Both Jenna and Kayla are going to miss their time together in our program! 

When Jenna first met Kayla, she describes how quiet and reserved she was. Jenna was a bit nervous at their first meeting because Kayla was so quiet, but now she describes how much Kayla has opened up throughout their relationship and they can talk to each other so easily about anything! A special memory in the development of their relationship for Big Sister Jenna is when Kayla first hugged her goodbye. Jenna took this as a sign of trust that had been established between them and had to hide her excitement from Kayla about how much it meant to her! 

Over the past year, Kayla and Jenna have enjoyed doing a lot together! Some of their activities this last year include getting food together, playing tennis at a local park, biking to get ice cream, and talking about anything and everything.

As Kayla is preparing to move into this new chapter of her life, Jenna wants to leave her with this message, “I would tell Kayla that she is a smart, caring individual who can accomplish so much and someone who others are lucky to have in their life.” 
Good luck with everything, Kayla!

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