BBBSCI Class of 2021: Tabitha and Sally

Match: Little Sister Tabitha and Big Sister Sally Hood
Match Date: May 15, 2012
High School: Franklin Community High School

Little Sister Tabitha and Big Sister Sally Hood have been matched together for 9 years. Tabitha is looking forward to graduating from high school this Spring and plans to begin a CNA program in the Fall. Tabitha and Sally are really going to miss being a part of our program! 

Over the years, Tabitha and Sally have created an unbreakable bond and truly become family for each other. When reflecting on the young girl that Sally was first matched with to the young woman she is now she shared, “She has grown from a cute little 10 year old to a beautiful young woman. She is a new mother and living in an apartment with her boyfriend. She has learned about community service, in fact she said herself that she wants to become a Big Sister when she is allowed. She is a wonderful mother to her beautiful baby girl. She is using her cooking skills that we worked on all the time to cook for herself and her boyfriend. She has gotten her drivers license and has even called me because she wants to take me to dinner.  She has exceeded my expectations. I am SO proud of the young woman and mother she has become. We will be friends for many years, even after she graduates from the program. Being a Big has been such an inspiration to me.” 

Tabitha and Sally have enjoyed countless times together from attending our agency’s Game Nights, the Children’s Museum, Fever Friends Pizza Party, going out for food, and just simply enjoying each other’s company. One special memory they share is when they went to the Marion County Fair and rode the ferris wheel. When they were at the very top of the ferris wheel, Tabitha turned to Sally and said, “I am SO glad you are my Big, I love you”. Sally responded, “I am SO glad I get to be your Big. We will be friends for years to come.” This moment has stuck with Sally ever since and their bond has grown stronger & stronger over the years. 

As Tabitha moves into this new phase of her life, Sally wants to leave her with this message, “I am SO proud of the young woman and mother that you have become. You are amazingly resilient and have overcome many challenges.” 

Good luck, Tabitha!

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