The Main Event: VIP Tailgate Reception

On Thursday, September 9, Dan Klemkosky, BBBSCI Big Brother and Associate Portfolio Manager and Research Associate at Wallington Asset Management, shared  his inspiring words at The Main Event at Victory Field. Thank you to Wallington Asset Management for generously supporting our mission  for over 15 years, and for serving as The Main Event Tailgate Sponsor in 2021.

Dan Klemkosky, CFA, CFP®
Associate Portfolio Manager and Research Associate

Daniel Pink, author, speech writer, and TED Talk presenter, said, “Before a presentation I ask myself one
question, what is the one thing I want people to take away?”

Tonight, the one thing we’d like you to take away is, “You matter to Big Brothers Big Sisters.”
As Darcey mentioned, my name is Dan Klemkosky and I am here representing Wallington Asset
Management whom I’ve worked for for the past decade. For over 33 years, Wallington has been earning
the trust of high-net-worth investors. It is a responsibility to which our firm has dedicated its very
existence, and it is an honor to be a part of the achievement of our clients’ dreams and goals.

For over 15 years, Wallington Asset Management has been a proud corporate sponsor of Big Brothers
Big Sisters. Tonight I have the honor to represent Wallington as the Tailgate Sponsor, to be among one
of the many passionate corporate sponsors to Big Brother Big Sister, and to stand before you as a Big
Brother to my little brother Israel. My relationship with Israel is only possible because of each of you
here tonight. I would like to share a quick anecdote about how Israel and I were matched. When you
commit to the match process and begin interviewing there is a lot of work behind the scenes to try to
coordinate successful matches by finding common ground to build your relationship on. It is my belief I
was matched with Israel because I have an affinity for cooking, and Israel wants to be a chef when he
grows up. I didn’t realize it until I got to know him a little better, but the reason Israel wants to pursue the
culinary arts is because his favorite video game character is Mario of Nintendo fame, who he believes is
primarily employed as a chef. Now, no offense to any plumbers here tonight, and I do want him to
continue to learn and grow through almost all areas of his life, but I think I will let Mario’s actual
profession remain a secret a little longer.

In all seriousness, as a registered investment advisor, it is humbling having people from across the United
States trust us to invest their hard-earned dollars. It is even more humbling, however, thinking about all of
the moms and dads, aunts and uncles, grandparents who are in part trusting their children’s present and
their future – to the Big Brother Big Sister organization. They are trusting Bigs across Indiana to nurture
and act as a dedicated mentor to their children to empower them and help them achieve their full
potential. Without you that wouldn’t happen.

This evening is about building strong children, and that will continue to happen because of each of you
here tonight. You matter to the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

From all of us at Wallington and Big Brothers Big Sisters, thank you for being here and we hope you
enjoy the magnificent venue. Have a great evening.

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