Strong, resilient, and loyal. These are three qualities my Little Sister, Alissa, continues to exemplify since we were matched five and a half years ago. I’ve witnessed her show strength in the face of adversity; resilience when met with obstacles; and loyalty to those she loves. Destined for great things, Alissa has so much potential that she will undoubtedly use to turn her passions into a purpose. With a heart to help humans and animals, Alissa is a kind individual who loves fiercely. I’m proud to know her and call her my Little Sister.

When I’m asked about how my generation can make a difference, I think it’s simple. We can care more about others and our surroundings. Make friends with the new kid. Stand up for someone being treated unfairly. Be the one others can lean on. Be a good friend, a good neighbor, and a good human. Volunteer by cleaning up trash and caring about the environment. These things help more than you’d think.

Another thing us teenagers could do—just ignore the little things. Don’t let them get to you and ruin your mood. Ignore the negativity, the rumors, and the things polarizing us as a society. Those aren’t constructive and only break us down.

The last thing I’ll offer is this: be your own unique person! Stand out, show off who you really are, and don’t be ashamed of it. Wear what you want to, be friends with who you want to be friends with, and listen to music that makes you happy. Don’t do things just because you’re “supposed” to or it’s what others are doing. Don’t care about what others think of you. The truth is they just want to put you down. Be unique! Be weird! Be you! Now-a-days, everyone wants to “fit in” by doing what everyone else is doing and wearing what everyone else is wearing. But if everyone is the same, then who will be different? Who will stand apart from the crowd and stick up for what they believe is right?! Who is going to be that person people look to and are inspired by?!

Age 17
Little Sister

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